Thursday, February 28, 2013


SubReel Cinema #1
Making use of the OT301's wonderful cinema room - SubReel Cinema invite a host of our favorite musical acts along to perform in front the screen. An early evening into night-time licking of the moon....

 Cotopaxi (BE) 
Mesmerizing and dreamy electronic songs from Little Birth members Hannah (who plays solo as Moemlienn) and Johann (two legs and the fluffier bits of techno duo, Laser Poodle).  If you close your eyes they might sound like Cluster falling in love mid performance - resulting in Dieter Moebius changing sex and reaching for the microphone...

 Fetter (NL) 
'Fetter' is the musical moniker for Amsterdam-based artist and musician Jessica Tucker. Lately she's been wondering what it would look and sound like if Blixa Bargeld and Rihanna were to meet up in a synaesthesia dreamland and have a wandering discussion about Amazon warriors, narcissism, horse-grooming, baby-making, and picture-taking. Synthetic yet still breathing, the result of her imagining is a surreal tragicomedic pop musical about your ego, my ego, and the dilemma of a girl who forgot to love horses.

 Gammyankle Bura's Prayer-Box Interludes (NL) 
Improvised, mantra infused, heathen loops.

+Visuals by Sleek Mink
 ++Club 4 Reel DJs

€ 6 Euros (includes a good vegetarian sandwich)
OT301 Cinema , Overtoom 301 Amsterdam Netherlands

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