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Sunday 16th February at Butcher's Tears, Kaperweg 45

YPY (JP, Em Records) Live
Fyoelk (DE, No 'Label') Live
Weird Dust (BE, Kerm) Live

Live electronics from this international trio of acts.

YPY is a solo project by an Osaka-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Koshiro Hino. Hino plays a central role in the four-piece minimalist instrumental band Goat, and hardcore induced percussive outfit Bonanzas. He also operates his own cassette tape label birdFriend. He manages to maintain his own universe as YPY to express himself in extremely unique and highly improvisational live sets using cassette tapes.

Fyoelk is a legend around these parts, and we are very happy to have him back. Fyoelk's sound could be described trip to early 90s chicago via a fuzzyfelt wormhole Johann also designed the dank flyer for the event, for which we are very grateful.

Weird Dust is the fizzing solo project of Mike Crabbé from Tav Exotic (with Bear Bones, Lay Low). Not his first time playing the BT backroom, last time he truly turned the place inside out with a psychedelic session that had us all tripping.

6 euros
Butcher's Tears, Karperweg 45

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sunday 20th October - MANISDRON (JP, Goat/The Noup) + OPTICAL MACHINES at Occii


Takafumi Okada has played Occii twice over the past years as drummer for Goat & his own band The Noup. Now back and playing solo as Manisdron – a blast of rhythms, electronics and charged vocals.
He uses voice, drums, synthesizers and composed electronic layers to create a solid hypnotic groove. Sometimes it feels poly-rhythmic, sometimes it feels like hammered beat flowing from him freely during his energetic live performance.
As with his band activities (in Noup & Goat since 2017 respectively) there is a strong influence of Post Punk, EBM and Krautrock. In the past, he self-released 2 EPs as CD and a cassette. Takafumi also books experimental shows in his hometown of Okayama.

Optical Machines make a pure, authentic impression by combining their creations of sound (scapes) and visuals. Rather than (taking) a static position with flashy laptops they choose an open set-up which invites the audience to their laboratory-like playground. Their set-up contains an obscure variety of modified record players, pattern models, lamps, lenses, cameras and analogue synthesizers to make a both trippy and fascinating show. Optical Machines is a real live show with visuals and sound created on the spot….

DJ crew: Misses BGM (CN, JP) Newly formed BGM selection outift.
Building up the excitement while breaking down borders.

7 euros + 1 euro donation asked for Occii Fundraising

OCCII (Onafhankelijk Cultureel Centrum In It)
Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL Amsterdam
tel. ++31 (0)20 6717778

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Friday 24th August - Cherrie Flava & Pals...

DJ Cherrie Flava (Music Inspires Change, London)
++ Cherrie Picked DJs
Nicole Mckenzie lands in town and brings a bag of finest with her. 
Formerly the manager of Sounds Of The Universe in Soho, and compiler of numerous Soul Jazz compilations. Nicole's got TUNES BRUV.

You can check her fantastic label here:  http://musicinspireschange.com .

 Some local pals will join over the 5 hour session..

19:00 - 00:00

Karperweg 45
1075LB Amsterdam

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Sunday 1st July 2018 - OCCII

The Noup (JP) :  The band of Japanese math rhythm outfit Goat's percussionist, Takafumi Okada . This Okayama based trio perform for the first time in Amsterdam. Their sound mainly comprises of nerve edge guitar pulses backed with a solid and reptitive rhythm section into which they weave voices to create a unique driving groove. Recently they have adopted analog synthesizers and play more polyrhythmic minimal songs unlike dance music.

New Age Ninjas (US): L.A.’s Tim Koh // (Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti) // with a debut live performance in his New Age Ninjas guise.

Krindlekrax (UK): 4 Track Cassette Loops with standup comedy, puppetry and gymnastics.

DJ Dreamsofhardcore (JP): Missed Gabba by a decade.

7 euros
20.30 - 01:00

At: OCCII (Onafhankelijk Cultureel Centrum In It)
Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL Amsterdam
tel. ++31 (0)20 6717778

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Saturday 9th June 2018 - OCCII

Lolina Presents her new album 'The Smoke'.

+ Pre-Smoke / Post-Smoke support courtesy of:
Palaces US/SE (Amsterdam based 'Goth Pop' duo)
♨ NL/DE (Brew Records' Robert Bergman & TBZ on the machines - dangerous voltage business).

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Thursday 20th November - Bear Bones Lay Low & Weird Dust

Bear Bones Lay Low (Kraak, BE)  + Weird Dust (Kerm, BE)

Following on from last months show with Antwerp's Dolphins Into The Future + Monopoly Child Star Searchers - it's the turn of another couple of madly talented Belge dwellers to descend into the back room. This time we have solo electronic performances from the members of Brussels based Tav Exotic. Both maintain high levels of psychedelic channeling, concentrated into minimal yet expressive equipment setups. Another good one.

Entry: 5 Euros
Karperweg 45
1075LB Amsterdam

Bare Bones Lay Low

Weird Dust

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