Friday, May 26, 2023

Saturday July 1st - LOLINA (Inga Copeland, UK) + MANISDRON (JP, L.I.E.S.) + ゆりかゆかりた(有)at OCCii

Lolina (Relaxin Records) 
Manisdron (L.I.E.S.)
+ More

London based Lolina (also known for her work as Inga Copeland as one half of Hype Williams) returns to OCCii hot on the heels of the release of her latest album project, Face The Music.  An ever evolving musical entity, her live
shows maintain an unpredictability and dynamism that continue to enthral .  There's no guessing what Lolina is going to bring to OCCii this time and we really cannot wait.

Another welcome return OCCii's stage is Manisdron (Goat JP, The Noup) who resides in the southern city of Okayama, Japan.  The one person Manisdron show is an energetic blast of live drums, electronics & vocals. Having played endless shows around Japan since his previous visit in 2019, you can expect a fired up show from this understated talent.  His debut album on L.I.E.S.  last year was described as "Mutant technoid nowave teeth grinding body music"  by Glasgow's legendary Rubadub record store.. spot on!   

Support on the night will comes from Karaoke DJ duo, ゆりかゆかりた(有)(who formed last year) offer up "Snack friendly" Enka duets next to Asian Trap, Punk and a whole lot more.

More support will be added soon...

20:00 - 0100

Tickets: 10.00 euros
Door 12.50 euros

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Monday, March 20, 2023

9th April, 2023.. at OCCii, Lets Go Scumming: New Music From Kyushu (Japan)



 Lets Go Scumming:  New Music From Kyushu (Japan)

Experimental / Noise  / Modern Scum performances from musicians residing in Southern Japan.  This is their only European show.   




There will also be a special scum show from WhyPeeWhy

6 euros

at OCCii Amstelveensweg 134, Amsterdam


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Tears closing...

Butcher's Tears' western outpost Tears (Jan Van Galenstraat 10) closes it's doors this weekend and that is a sad sad thing. Tonight and tomorrow are the last evenings at the bar, and I encourage you to come along and trash the place (and yourselves) in finest style

Tonight (Friday 24th)
  DJ Dry Eyes Sheds A Tear        
- Playing loud to cover all the crying and uncontrollable bawling.
19:30 - 00:00

Tomorrow (Saturday - the last ever night at Tears!!!):
  DJ CRAP & Pals                           
- The brains behind the brews tag team & spin goodbye party tunes until the early hours... with a little help from some local drunks.
16:00 - late!

Beer special for Saturday night:  Drikku - Baltic-style Lantöl with juniper
" Brewed in the weird and wonderful fashion of the farmhouse beers of Eastern Sweden and Western Estonia. Luscious malt flavours combine with herbal and citrusy notes of Nordic forest."

The original Butcher's Tears tap-room in Zuid (Karperweg 45) is still in full flow and I hope to see you there in the near future.

For now, lets mourn the loss of.....

... with a good old fashioned two day piss up....

* "why are they closing?"  i hear you ask. Well, the developers are moving in, and you know what that means...

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sunday 22nd May - Conky Records and Tapes.


Conky Records & Tapes sets up shop at Tears for the first time this weekend.  All the music played on the speakers that day is for sale.

There will be some new stuff next to collectable used items  from many genres plus some stacked boxes of bargains. 7"s, 12"s, LPs, Tapes and a few CDs will be on sale.  Styles of musicr include:  Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Oldies, Jazz, 80s New Wave, Rock,  Indie. Experimental (old and new), House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Soul, Disco and more.

30% of the takings go to charities to help children from Ukraine.  Details of those on the day.

From 14:00
Insta: @conky_recordsandtapes

 #Reggae #Dub #Dancehall, #Oldies #Jazz #80s New Wave #Rock  #Indie #Experimentalmusic #House #Techno #DrumnBass #HipHop,#Soul45s, #Discorecords #NOCRAP #sharethewealth #endthewar




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