Friday, January 11, 2013

Saturday 26th January - HELM (UK) TROPA MACACA (PT) SLEEK MINK (DK)

The Return Of Club 4 Reel! 
Once again it's line-up of diverse and exciting live electronic acts from all over the place..

HELM is Luke Younger - a sound artist and experimental musician based in London, working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. His last LP, Impossible Symmetry (released in 2012 on Berlin's excellent Pan Records) found it's way to many of the electronic communities 'best of' lists for last year and glowing reviews all over the place. Helm's compositions build a dense aural landscape that touches on musique concrete, uncomfortable sound poetry, noise, and hallucinatory drones. His sound is steered through a melange of fringe territories: glacial drone meditations, reconfigured gamelan clusters, and howling walls of organized feedback, all coalesced in a post-industrial fashion with a commitment to homemade exploratory zeal. For the past ten years, Younger has also performed extensively in Europe and the US with Steven Warwick (Heatsick) as pioneering avant-drone duo Birds of Delay. He also runs the excellent Alter records.

Go here for Wire Magazine's podcast of some music that Helm likes...

TROPA MACACAare the ambient-noise duo of André Abel and Joana Da Conceição and have been going strong from their Portuguese home base since 2005. They've lunged out into the world with releases on established labels such as Qbico and Siltbreeze. Their recently released Ectoplasma on Software Records (the sub-label of mexican summer owned by Onehotrix point never’s dan lopatin) and has been described by dummy magazine as “(...) a lesson in pure sound design as potent as SND or Aaron Dilloway, yet filled with an unctuous listenability, a primordial, glowing slime that’s as addictive yet stately as the best in it's genre". Don't you just love journalists? 

SLEEK MINK is the new solo project of Laser Poodle's often hooded jedi, Jonathan Mikkelsen. This is one of the first shows we've heard about from this arpeggiated electrodent ...

Club 4 Reel resident DJs will spin records during the inbetween bit,  then special guest Toby Paul makes his C4Reel debut to 'turn this mutha out' .. ooh ey.

Saturday 26th January
10pm - 3am
6 Euros
OCCII (Onafhankelijk Culureel Centrum In It)
Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL
++31 (0)20 6717778

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