Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Friday 13th July - Excepter LIVE + Das Ding, Container & Unicorn Hard-on....at OCCII

Excepter (RVNG, Paw Tracks //USA)
Das Ding (Minimal Wave // NL)
Unicorn Hard-On (More! Records, Tangled Hairs // USA)
Container (Spectrum Spools //USA)


Excepter is an electronic performance group from Brooklyn. Formed in the summer of 2002 in New York City, Excepter originally consisted of DJs John Fell Ryan (vocals, synths, drum box and electronics) and Dan Hougland (synths, drum box, electronics and piano) along with husband-and-wife duo Calder Martin (vocals, guitar and percussion) and Caitlin Cook (vocals and dancing), who all came together to explore the more esoteric nature of house and experimental music. Excepter have released records on Paw Tracks, Woodsist, Load Records, Fusetron, 5 Rue Christine and their own Excepter Records.

DAS DING (R'dam, NL)
Being active as a producer and label owner, Danny Bosten was deeply involved in the Netherlands' minimal synth underground during the 1980′s. On his cassette label “Tear Apart Tapes” he released home-taped recordings of himself and friends. Almost 30 years later New York's Minimal Wave label re-released the "Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement" tape on vinyl, which gained positive feedback all over the globe. Proper New/Old Wave!

CONTAINER (Nashville, Tennessee, US)
Inspired by the discovery of 90’s minimal techno, Ren Schofield began his Container project in the early months of 2009, applying compositional techniques and musical approaches learned through his background of noise, drone and cassette collage music to the genre of techno, without combining any of the two. Backdrops of simplistic beats evolve patiently over time giving a distinct focus to each sound introduced and each pattern created, snowballing together with occasional vocal cassette manipulations into what has been described as ‘outsider techno’.
His debut "LP" dropped last year on Mego sub-label Spectrum Spools and has blewn minds
all over.

UNICORN HARD-ON (Nashville, Tennessee, US)
For many years now Unicorn Hard-On has been infiltrating the American and European underground with her unusual style of animal inspired electronic dance music. Incorporating elements of techno, industrial, noise and synth pop, four sequencers are used to create eerie backgrounds of tonal interference, glittering splashes of synth, and gradually multiplying pulsing beats, forming a wall of mutated dance madness. Last year saw the release of a brilliant split 12" with Container on More! Records/Hot Releases.

(We'll have a few double cassette packs of the last party with Hieroglyphic Being for sale... ask at the door if you want one)

6 Euros
2200 - 0300OCCII (Independent Centre Culureel In It)
Amstelveenseweg 134 
1075 XL Amsterdam 
tel + +31 (0) 20 6717778

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